Melbourne stage 4 restrictions and Covid lockdown rules explained

The Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews, has announced tough new stage four coronavirus restrictions for metropolitan Melbourne, including an overnight curfew

Stage four restrictions have been introduced across metropolitan Melbourne from Sunday 2 August for six weeks.

Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews, said the restrictions have been brought in to get community transmission – cases where the source of the transmission cannot be determined – under control. Andrews said government modelling showed that without these measures, stage three restrictions would need to last six months.

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Peter Mandelson on Labour and Europe: Politics Weekly podcast

In the first part of our Politics Weekly series, Jonathan Freedland speaks to Peter Mandelson, the former Labour cabinet minister and EU commissioner. The pair discuss Britain’s future relationship with Europe and the battle Sir Keir Starmer faces to get Labour back into power

The two great projects of Peter Mandelson’s life have centred on Britain’s role in Europe and Labour’s election success. In the past few years, both have been shattered.

Jonathan Freedland speaks to the former cabinet minister and EU commissioner, who is now the president of the international thinktank Policy Network, about why he believes Sir Keir Starmer is the right person to lead Labour to election victory.

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Beirut residents describe blast as hospitals overflow – video

Residents of Beirut have described the major explosion that has left dozens dead in the Lebanese capital. Footage from the blast zone showed extensive damage, with residents moving through rubble and cleaning up broken glass and overturned furniture in their homes. Hospitals in the city were also overflowing with patients and people searching for loved ones

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Donald Trump claims Lebanon explosion ‘looks like a terrible attack’ – video

The US president Donald Trump says an explosion that killed dozens of people in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, looks like an attack. ‘We will be there to help. It looks like a terrible attack,’ he said at a press briefing. Trump was later asked why he called the explosion an attack, not an accident, saying he met with generals who felt it was ‘a bomb of some kind’

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Coronavirus: Close pubs and shops before schools in any new lockdowns, children’s commissioner says – Sky News

  1. Coronavirus: Close pubs and shops before schools in any new lockdowns, children’s commissioner says  Sky News
  2. Schools ‘must come before pubs and restaurants in future’  BBC News
  3. Schools must stay open ahead of pubs and shops, Children’s Commissioner says  Daily Mail
  4. ‘Close shops and pubs to reopen schools,’ says Children’s Commissioner
  5. Schools must be kept open ahead of pubs in future lockdowns, children’s watchdog declares  The Sun
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Stay apart and bring a pen: Sri Lanka goes to the polls during pandemic

Rajapaksa expected to dominate elections held five months after president Gotabaya Rajapaksa sacked parliamentary assembly

Sri Lankans have begun voting in parliamentary elections twice delayed by the coronavirus, with results expected to further entrench the Rajapaksa family’s dominance of the island’s politics.

Voters have been asked to observe social distancing and bring their own pens to the polls – with special booths set up for those who are quarantining – for a contest that will end months of constitutional limbo in Sri Lanka.

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NSW and Sydney coronavirus map: where Covid-19 cases are rising or falling

Guardian Australia analysis and map shows how the pattern of Covid-19 has changed by region and throughout Sydney. Live data updates will track the numbers throughout New South Wales

A Guardian Australia analysis of coronavirus cases in NSW shows where Covid-19 infections have been increasing, and where cases are on the decline.

Using data from New South Wales Health we calculate the number of new, locally-acquired cases a day for every local government area (LGA) in NSW.

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South Korea floods and landslides kill 14 after 42 days of rain

Three New Zealanders among dead after avalanche hits Gapyeong holiday cottages

Fourteen people have been killed and more than 1,000 forced from their homes as 42 consecutive days of rain, South Korea’s longest monsoon in seven years, triggered floods and landslides.

Heavy rain, which has also battered China, Thailand, Myanmar and India, inundated farmland and flooded parts of major highways and bridges in the capital, Seoul.

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