Australia news live: Reynolds warns of war risk and faces fresh questions over Higgins case

Defence minister to tell press club there is an increased risk of war in Indo-Pacific region. Follow all the latest news and updates, live

9.16pm GMT

Always handy when public entities refuse to answer questions over whether procedure was followed.

Totally worth keeping secret. Just more evidence that it was absolutely the right decision to move the AFP from the attorney-general portfolio and place it under home affairs and Peter Dutton. Never any conflict.

If they were, he likely would have known in April 2019. The AFP said in August 2019 that it was standard practice to alert Dutton to politically sensitive matters, which it dedines as anything likely to be of “particular interest” to MPs, the govt, or the media.

9.10pm GMT

And Murph has the ins and outs of Craig Kelly’s decision to quit the government

Published late so ICYMI. When Craig Kelly’s worlds collided: the events that led to the outspoken MP’s abrupt defection #auspol

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