Officials testify that Capitol riot was ‘coordinated attack’ in first Senate hearing – live

11.58pm GMT

The most populous US state has passed a bill that would send Californians making less than $30,000 a year a $600 stimulus check. The stimulus package also includes $2.1m in grants and fee waivers for small businesses and an additional $2bn in tax breaks for businesses.

Those who qualify for the $600 could receive the money as soon as a month after they file their 2020 tax returns. People earning less than $75,000 who weren’t eligible for the federal stimulus payment, including some undocumented immigrants, will also receive the one-time $600 payment. “Regardless of your [immigration] status, those that have been left behind in that federal stimulus, California’s not going to leave you behind,” Newsom said. “I don’t know many other states — any other state — that does what this state is doing.”

11.41pm GMT

The two leaders were on a first name basis – they have worked together before, when Biden was vice president.

But Biden’s recent decision to block the Keystone XL pipeline, which Canada had backed had led to some concerns. In the statements after the bilateral meeting, Trudeau praised Biden’s willingness to boost the middle class and maintain jobs, while tackling climate change.

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