Australia news live: Linda Reynolds taken to hospital; Kelly’s exit from Libs prompts Nats leadership talk

Defence minister admitted as precautionary measure on advice of her cardiologist. Follow all the latest news and updates, live

3.16am GMT

The current deputy prime minister once again comes up with lines which do nothing but show why Barnaby Joyce has an actual chance of taking back the leadership.

Here is some “gold”.

The member for Dawson fully understands the value of water.

You only have to listen to the minister for agriculture talk about how water grows the food and fibre worth of our nation to indeed create more jobs, to indeed create more trade.

3.13am GMT

Anthony Albanese to Scott Morrison:

Can the prime minister confirm that the government has lost its majority on the floor of the House and, for confidence, now depends on the vote of a crossbench conspiracy theorist, who’s pushing discredited and dangerous treatments during a health pandemic?

What I know is there is more of us on this side than there are more of them on that side. You know who made that decision? The Australian people. At the last election, we went to that election and the Australian people rejected the Labor party to become the government of this country.

Point of order – there’s actually 75 there and 75 here.

At the last election, the Australian people rejected the Labor party to govern this country and control this chamber. They rejected that, the Australian people. I know that the members of this chamber understand that even if the leader of the opposition still can’t come to terms with the fact that, at the last election, their $375bn and more of higher taxes they said no – $387bn.

I’m corrected by the treasurer. It was higher than that.

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