Coronavirus Australia live update: Covid vaccine rollout suffers major setback as under-50s told to avoid AstraZeneca

Vaccine rollout faces delays as authorities scramble to secure alternatives to AstraZeneca such as Pfizer for under-50s over blood clot fears. Follow updates live

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AstraZeneca advisory warning could be reconsidered if Australia experiences a large outbreak says co-chair of the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation, Prof Allen Cheng.

In a lengthy (and very helpful) Twitter threat last night explaining the ATAGI decision Cheng said if cases of Covid-19 rose in Australia the risk-benefit balance would change, suggesting the AZ could once again be recommended for people under 50.

If we had a large outbreak, then this risk benefit analysis would change and we’d have to reconsider this advice. The risk benefit balance would also be different in countries with even larger outbreaks than the UK.

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