Coronavirus Australia live update: Covid vaccine rollout suffers major setback as under-50s told to avoid AstraZeneca

Vaccine rollout faces delays as authorities scramble to secure alternatives to AstraZeneca such as Pfizer for under-50s over blood clot fears. Follow updates live

3.05am BST

Okay, there has been way too much sad news today so here is someone having the time of his life at Southern Cross station in Melbourne.

Hello. This is not my video but I felt like this energy needed to be shared. #Melbourne @cityofmelbourne

2.58am BST

Tasmania has officially halted first-dose injections of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine for people aged under 50 years.

A state government spokesperson said:

The Tasmania government has put an immediate hold on any first dose AstraZeneca vaccinations of people aged under 50 years.

In terms of what this change means for Tasmania’s planned vaccine rollout, we are working our way through that.

It’s really important we get the rollout right. Obviously we cant get the vaccine to everybody at once and we ask people to be patient.

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