Australia news live: minister to hold urgent roundtable with Indian-Australian community leaders

Coalition under increasing pressure to lift the ban blocking 9,000 Australians, including 650 who are considered vulnerable, from returning home. Follow latest updates

11.19pm BST

Okay I swear this is the last Karen Andrew post, her interveiw was just so wild.

She has been asked about the Biloela family, currently being kept in a detention centre on Christmas Island.

The matter is currently before the courts, so there is nothing that I am prepared to say or do at this point in time that would either jeopardise the positions of the government or of the family concerned. So, at this point, it is a wait and see what the results are through the court systems.

Do you have compassion for that family? I know the legal process is going, but… It’s a question… As to who you are Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews, do you have compassion for this family who have been detained for more than three years?

I am a very compassionate person by nature. I will never walk away from that. But compassion takes many different forms.

11.13pm BST

Gosh, Karen Andrews has been taking a direct and blunt approach to interviews this morning.

On ABC News Breakfast she is being asked why the states have been left in charge of quarantine when it is constitutionally the responsibility of the Commonwealth.

What I would say to that very clearly is that the state and territories made some commitments some time ago, and that was in line with the health orders that they were wanting to put in place. It is right and it is appropriate that they take the responsibility for the quarantine systems that they have put in place…

The state and territories gave their commitment last year. They wanted to take that responsibility*. And I applaud them for doing that. They should continue to manage their responsibilities as well as they possibly can.

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