Australia news live: Biloela family may be released on Christmas Island; minister to hold talks with Indian-Australian community leaders

Home affairs minister flags possible reprieve for Tamil family held in detention; Coalition under increasing pressure to lift the ban blocking 9,000 Australians in India from returning home. Follow latest updates

2.14am BST

Scott Morrison is discussing natural disasters and climate change today:

These disasters, sadly, are things that people who live in northern Australia, particularly deal with. They understand that it is part of the cycle* of what can impact on their businesses and livelihoods and homes. It doesn’t make the loss any less or make the job any less difficult. But these are things we need to plan more for and we need to have the supports their when those disasters come about.

These disasters we are seeing happen more frequently, and that’s why building resilience as a key plank of our government’s response to climate change**.

2.08am BST

The prime minister is speaking now from Townville.

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