Australia news live: NSW records new local Covid case in Sydney’s east; PM says India ban is lowering quarantine cases

Man in his 50s tests positive for Covid in NSW; PM says case numbers in the Howard Springs quarantine facility are falling. Follow latest updates

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Buttrose was also asked about vacancies on the ABC board, two of which have been vacant since November and a third from a director who finished in early March.

Buttrose said she “would appreciate having some new directors” because the board’s quorum is four “and that’s what we’ve got: four [directors]”.

Buttrose added:

So, I said to my fellow directors, ‘for god’s sake don’t get sick anyone. Everyone’s got to stay well.’ But hopefully we’ll hear soon.

I am concerned, as I mentioned, because we are just four … One of our directors, one of the four, lives in rural Queensland and she was attacked by a cow. I had no idea cows are so awful! I’m not wishing that on her again, in fact, she’s in full health. Unexpected things can happen. So, I’m sure the fact it’s been raised here today will be a reminder to government that there is a shortage of directors. We look forward to hearing who they might be.

I think that’s a mistake. I don’t know chairs of other companies who have no input into the composition of their board. Although we are a commonwealth entity I do think the chair of all commonwealth entities should have some input into who the directors are. As chair, you know where you have to plug up a few gaps, you know what you’re looking for. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

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Health minister Greg Hunt is expected to speak in Melbourne soon.

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