Coronavirus live: India G7 delegation self-isolating after two members test positive; no decision in UK on booster shots yet

UK government says two members tested positive for Covid; UK minister says experts still deciding when booster shots are needed

9.18am BST

An extremely quick snap from Reuters here: the entire delegation from India to the G7 meeting in London is now self-isolating after two members tested positive for Covid, according to the UK government.

A British official said this was in line with pre-established protocols, which included daily testing for all attendees.

9.15am BST

Iraq’s vaccine rollout had been faltering for weeks, but a populist Shiite cleric’s public endorsement of vaccinations – and images of him getting the shot last week – have begun to turn things around.

Abdulrahman Zeyad at Associated Press reports from Baghdad that hundreds of followers of Muqtada al-Sadr are now heading to clinics to follow his example, underscoring the power of sectarian loyalties in Iraq and deep mistrust of the state.

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