Coronavirus live news: India deaths in record rise; Japan mulls longer lockdown – reports

India deaths rise by 3,780 and cases up by 382,000; Tokyo could stay in lockdown less than three months before Olympics; more vaccine doses for poorer countries tops G7 agenda on final day of summit

7.19am BST

India has released $6.7 billion in cheap financing for vaccine makers, hospitals and other health firms, to counter the devastating coronavirus surge gripping the country.

Reserve Bank of India governor Shaktikanta Das also vowed to deploy “unconventional” measures if the crisis worsens. “The devastating speed with which the virus affects different regions of the country has to be matched by swift and wide-ranging actions,” Das said.

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On 22 June 1918, the Manchester Guardian reported that a flu epidemic was moving through the British Isles. It was noted to be ‘by any means a common form of influenza’. Eventually, it took the lives of more than 50 million people around the world.

In a special episode of our Science Weekly podcast to mark the Guardian’s 200th anniversary, Nicola Davis looks back on the 1918 flu pandemic and how it was reported at the time. Speaking to science journalist Laura Spinney, and ex-chief reporter at the Observer and science historian Dr Mark Honigsbaum, Nicola asks about the similarities and differences to our experiences with Covid-19, and what we can learn for future pandemics.

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