Australia to blitz mouse plague with ‘NAPALM’ as rampaging rodents multiply by 400 in just three months

THE Australian government is set to blitz its mouse plague with “napalm for mice” in a bid to wipe out the rapidly multiplying rodents.

Tens of millions of rampaging mice have sparked horrific infestations stretching 1,000km from Brisbane down to Melbourne and tormented farming communities for eight months.

erin andersonTens of millions of mice have sparked horrific infestations in Australia[/caption]

ReutersThe state government has secured 5,000 litres of the toxic rodent poison bromadiolone[/caption]

In a desperate bid to stop the mouse menace, the government in New South Wales is now preparing to use a previously banned chemical – dubbed “napalm for mice”.

Napalm – a volatile petrochemical – was developed for the United States Chemical Warfare Service in 1942 in a secret lab at Harvard University.

The state government has secured 5,000 litres of the toxic rodent poison bromadiolone – which is currently banned for agriculture use in the country, Daily Mail Australia reports.

But the state has offered to provide it for free if the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority approves it.

Bromadiolone kills rats and mice by preventing the blood from clotting and can be lethal from one day of eating the poison, according to the National Pesticide Information Center.

In the space of just three months, two mice can spark a colony of almost 400, spawning to tens of thousands – and possibly millions within a year, Daily Mail Australia reports.

A mouse can live for up to two or three years – but females can start reproducing at just six weeks of age. 

They can give birth to ten babies just three weeks later – and the mum can get pregnant again the very next day.

In just three months, the two original mice could have sparked a colony of almost 400.

A few weeks later, there will be tens of thousands of rodents – and then potentially hundreds of thousands.

Unchecked, mathematicians estimate a rampant colony could grow to five million within a year, according to Preventative Pest Control.


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