Biden promises ‘summer of freedom’ as he urges more Americans to get vaccinated – live

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11.01pm BST

The White House said Joe Biden and Republican senator Shelley Moore Capito had a “constructive and frank” discussion on infrastructure legislation.

“This afternoon, the President hosted senator Capito for a constructive and frank conversation in the Oval Office about how we can drive economic growth and benefit America’s middle class through investing in our infrastructure,” the White House said in a statement.

10.39pm BST

Susan, a former employee for the crime app Citizen, applied for a job curating the platform’s content and notifications in 2019 “in a pinch”. She had a writing background, was having trouble finding work in New York City, and thought she could make some money while looking for a better fit.

By the time she left less than a year later, Susan said, she was drinking to excess because of work stress, had trouble sleeping and had, at one point, cracked her tooth clenching her jaw while listening to hours of talking on the police scanner. As her mental health declined, her bosses at Citizen were not supportive, Susan said.

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