Australia coronavirus live: three new cases as Frydenberg considers Victoria Covid lockdown support and NSW adds more hotspots

Talks continue between the state and the federal government on financial assistance as Melbourne faces second week in lockdown. Follow the latest news

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2.18am BST

The Victorian presser will be held at 11.40 today.

We’ll find out whether regional Victoria will be able to ease out of restrictions, as planned.

2.17am BST

Activists in the US have held a vigil in California, remembering those who have died from Covid – and calling on the Australian government to support “policies needed to increase global access to vaccines and treatments”.

Elias Visontay may be on leave – but he is every vigilant and sent me through this:

The vigil came just days before a major international meeting where governments will discuss waiving intellectual property rights to enable more Covid vaccine, diagnostic and treatment production. The government of Australia is one of the last holdouts to not come out in full support of the waiver.

“Ending a global pandemic requires global solutions. While Californians increasingly have widespread access to COVID vaccination, huge numbers of people around the world aren’t expected to have access to a vaccine for years unless global production is dramatically increased,” said Will Jamil Wiltschko of the California Trade Justice Coalition.

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