Coronavirus Australia live update: Scott Morrison details Covid lockdown support payments as regional Victoria restrictions ease – question time

Federal government to put in place ‘national lockdown framework’, as Melbourne faces second week in lockdown. Follow the latest news

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6.14am BST

New Zealand is planning repatriation flights for citizens and essential workers stranded by Victoria’s Covid-19 outbreak, as the quarantine-free travel pause stretches into another week.

Covid response minister Chris Hipkins has announced that the travel pause will be extended for another six days, with a review due on Wednesday 9 June.

6.09am BST

The foreign minister, Marise Payne, told Senate estimates the decision to close the Australian embassy in Afghanistan says was “very difficult” one but based on advice. That security advice had “frankly put us in a very difficult position”.

“There is an absolute recognition on the part of the government of the contribution that Australia has made in Afghanistan, including the sacrifice.”

I think partners in many cases would prefer that we remained there, but we have been very clear that we intend to continue very deep engagement with Afghanistan. We’ll be doing that through non-resident ambassador and team and also we’ll be continuing our development program. We’ve made clear to them we will stay deeply engaged with Afghanistan.”

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