Coronavirus Australia live update: Scott Morrison details Covid lockdown support payments as regional Victoria restrictions ease

Federal government to put in place ‘national lockdown framework’, as Melbourne faces second week in lockdown. Follow the latest news

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7.18am BST

Adam Bandt makes the point that if Jobseeker was above the poverty line, then we wouldn’t need as many emergency payments:

If JobSeeker was above the poverty line back at the $1100 it was that the government deemed necessary during the first lockdown, because that was an admission of what you need to get by in this country, then we may not need to have those case-by-case determinations and you would have people having a much stronger safety net.

7.14am BST

Adam Bandt is the Afternoon Briefing guest. He is asked about the covid payment the government has announced (for those who are eligible)

For someone who works 20 hours a week doing casual work, this payment is less than the minimum wage.

It is less than the average rent for a one-bedroom place in Melbourne and it is below the poverty line.

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