Randy couple romp on packed beach before furious bather stops sex session by smacking flip flop off man’s bottom

A RANDY couple have been filmed having sex on a packed beach in Poland in front of a mass of stunned onlookers.

The brazen display, which took place at the seaside town of Mielno last Friday, was only interrupted when one furious bather decided to take matters into his own hands.

News Dog MediaA randy couple were filmed having sex in front of stunned onlookers on a beach in the Polish seaside town of Mielno[/caption]

News Dog MediaThey were only interrupted by a enraged beachgoer[/caption]

Footage shows the unfolding scene as the man visibly gyrates on top of a woman lying on the sand.  

They appeared undeterred despite repeated audible calls from shocked onlookers to stop their intimate session.     

Soon their actions prompted a group of bemused beachgoers bid to halt the shameless public display as a woman throws water on the couple.

Two men then step up their efforts as they start to physically handle the man who eventually decides to pull himself away from the woman.

However, before he has the chance to get to his feet, an enraged bather comes over and smacks the man on his naked bottom multiple times.

Visibly shocked and intoxicated, the man swiftly staggers around the beach barely able to walk.

He then precedes to walk past a crowd of gawking sun-seekers without any underwear on.  

Local, police confirmed that the man was taken to a detention centre to sober up.

The added that he received a ticket for his trouble, but failed to locate his partner in crime.

The man who used his flip-flop as a weapon could reportedly also be in trouble with the police.  

Following the shocking incident, users on social-media users couldn’t quite believe what they were seeing.

One woman said: “I can’t believe they had sex in a public place on the beach, in front of people, in front of children!”  

The incident comes as people in Poland have been enjoying more found freedoms amid a successful vaccine rollout.

It’s estimated that nearly 50% of the population have had at least one vaccine dose.

News Dog MediaInitially the couple remained undeterred despite attempts from onlookers to get them to stop[/caption]

News Dog MediaHowever, they were soon forced to stop their intimate session after a enraged beachgoer used his flip flop to smack the man on his bottom[/caption]

News Dog MediaThe intoxicated man then fled the scene without any underwear[/caption]