BreakingNews.News is BreakingNews, like Microsoft is Software, Facebook is Faces, PayPal is Payments, Amazon is E-Commerce, Google is Search, Apple is the Mobile Phone, Tesla is Cars, Ebay is Auctions, Twitter is Whats Happening, YouTube is Videos, Linkedin is the Job Site & Instagram is Pictures. BreakingNews.News is the No1 .News Brand on the No1 domain name for News, BreakingNews.

BreakingNews.News’ premium domain name & extension’s first mover advantage solved the problem of replacing the outdated .com (US) domain extension for BreakingNews after it was closed and as many other premium extensions replaced other geographical country coded extensions for web sites including also being used by one company with around $150Million annual revenue from $500Million investment. BreakingNews.News’ Founder also previously designed the No1 BreakingNews Brand in Europe, BreakingNews.EU and for social in BreakingNews.Social and Business in BreakingNews.Business as well as many others that sit within the main brand as topic headings and sub brands.

The services key differentiators & benefits assisted with the other problems solved, to provide the best, fastest & most up to date news aggregation service and the most useful news source during Disasters & Emergency Events. Through a focus on AI curation from multiple feeds and major outlets to improve the speed & quality of news, presenting content rich & relevant media that also offers a solution to the fake news problem through presenting authenticity probability confirmation, when multiple major outlets share the same story re-written by each of them. With the understanding that it’s Breaking News that drives social & digital media and a quotation for $1Million for a .News domain name, he acquired BreakingNews.News to disrupt the news market which the News Media Alliance reports they estimate is worth $4.7Billion to one industry leader but could be much higher as two’s combined ad revenue from digital advertising in the US in 2017 is estimated at over $100Billion with news business’ share at over $16Billion.

The recent history of Tech, Media & News also includes Instagram receiving $1Billion investment even though it had Zero revenue and just a few years ago too. But if you need more current traction proof, just consider some of the others transitioning to .News including these other Top Sites – 2. http://Buzzfeed.News 3. http://Fox.News 4. http://Sky.News 5. http://MTV.News 6. http://CBS.News 7. http://NPR.News 8. http://AP.News 9. http://AOL.News 10. http://Economist.News 11. http://Euronews.News 12. http://BBC.News 13. http://Mirror.News 14. http://Metro.News 15. http://STV.News 16. http://Techcrunch.News 17. http://Businesinsider.News 18. http://Apple.News 19. http://Microsoft.News 20. http://Amazon.News 21. http://HBO.News 22. http://Baidu.News 23. http://Alibaba.News 24. http://RTE.News.

BreakingNews.News’s value proposition & competitive advantage lies within it’s best possible creatively designed digital brands, domains & extensions as pieces of internet real estate with outstanding services built within them. Feasability improves with brand leadership recognition but could also be sped up and improved with investment for equity to attract further talent. Current traction, adoption, strategy & growth includes, it can become the top news outlet for major brands that want to grow through digital as the go to network for breaking news topics in the moment. It could also be franchised internationally, regionally or locally.

With a free service and revenue model to include a low cost premium paid for platform on mobile & web, premium services for paying client advertisers, distributed promotion, market directional ads as content and distributed widget promotion, investment potential outcomes include, a best case scenario – becomes the market leader with £Billion annual revenue. A less realistic success Scenario – gains a percentage of global market share worth £Multi Millions & compete with other leaders with $150M revenue and a worst case scenario of a niche only global revenue share worth £Multi Millions.

BreakingNews.Social solved the problem of Fake Networks, Accounts, Followers and News by annually deleting all accounts excluding premium verified accounts. Real but unverified and non premium deleted user accounts can easily re-join.

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