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BBC presenter quits in protest over N-word allegedly used in attack being said on TV

Radio 1Xtra presenter Sideman says he can no longer work for broadcaster after ‘slap in the face’

A BBC radio presenter has quit his job after the corporation defended its decision to broadcast the N-word in a television news broadcast.

Radio 1Xtra presenter Sideman said he no longer felt comfortable working for the national broadcaster after it stuck by the decision to broadcast the language in a report on a racially motivated hit-and-run attack.

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Thousands of bikers heading to South Dakota rally to be blocked at tribal land checkpoints

Clampdown comes as fears mount that mask-free bikers headed to large gathering could spread coronavirus to tribal groups

Thousands of bikers heading to South Dakota’s 10-day Sturgis Motorcycle Rally will not be allowed through Cheyenne River Sioux checkpoints, a spokesman for the Native American group said on Saturday.

The decision to prevent access across tribal lands to the annual rally, which could attract as many as 250,000 bikers amid fears it could lead to a massive, regional coronavirus outbreak, comes as part of larger Covid-19 prevention policy. The policy has pitted seven tribes that make up the Great Sioux Nation against federal and state authorities, which both claim the checkpoints are illegal.

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Boy, 6, found face down in water after being swept out to sea on inflatable swan – Wales Online

  1. Boy, 6, found face down in water after being swept out to sea on inflatable swan  Wales Online
  2. Horror as boy, 6, swept out to sea on inflatable in front of dad and coastguard scrambled  Daily Star
  3. Boy, 6, swept out to sea on inflatable and ‘found facedown in water’ by hero builder  Mirror Online
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Live Dagenham updates as police find two bodies at separate addresses – Essex Live

  1. Live Dagenham updates as police find two bodies at separate addresses  Essex Live
  2. ‘Murder-suicide’ horror as woman in 30s is found dead before police find body of man  Daily Mail
  3. Woman’s body found in street as man found dead nearby two hours later  Mirror Online
  4. Dagenham double death horror as ‘linked’ bodies of man and woman found just hours apart  Daily Star
  5. London horror: Police launch investigation as man and woman found dead  Express
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Tottenham protest marks anniversary of Mark Duggan’s death

Action supported by Black Lives Matter calls for end to ‘institutionally racist policing’

Chants of “no justice no peace” echoed around Tottenham police station on Saturday afternoon as hundreds of peaceful demonstrators gathered outside the building calling for an end to what they say is institutionally racist policing in this part of north London.

The event marks the ninth anniversary of the fatal shooting by police in Tottenham of Mark Duggan. His death was followed by the biggest riots in recent times. The event is supported by Black Lives Matter, Tottenham Rights and Stopwatch.

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Tottenham protest marks anniversary of Mark Duggan’s death – The Guardian

  1. Tottenham protest marks anniversary of Mark Duggan’s death  The Guardian
  2. BLM protesters gather at police station on anniversary of Mark Duggan death | ITV News  ITV News
  3. Black Lives Matter protestors wave placards outside Tottenham police station  Daily Mail
  4. My View: We can only move forward together  Freeport Journal-Standard
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Trump pledges to break stimulus gridlock as millions go without Covid-19 benefits – live

4.04pm BST

The White House has announced Donald Trump will hold a press conference at his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey at 3.30pm ET today.

The president will presumably follow up on his pledge to use executive orders to extend Covid-19 relief measures while Congress remains deadlocked on the measures. The president said on Friday that “if Democrats continue to hold this critical relief hostage, I will act under my authority as president to get Americans the relief they need.”

3.55pm BST

Here’s the Associated Press on how doctors are hoping to increase voter registration ahead of November’s elections:

An emergency room doctor in Boston is assembling thousands of voter registration kits for distribution at hospitals and doctor’s offices.

Related: Doctors and medical students across the US push to register patients to vote

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Listen to your migraine to help you feel better – and to learn about yourself

Headaches are telling you something about how your brain works with your body, influencing your behaviour and feelings

We need pain. It seems contradictory to say it, particularly now that we have so many ways of dealing with it and switching it off. Pain not only tells us something is wrong, it also protects us. If you slam the car door on your hand, it’s going to hurt. You will have damaged the soft tissue; all the muscles and ligaments that help you move your fingers. It will no doubt swell up to twice its size. This inflammation is part of the healing process. Your hand feels hot and looks red because of all the extra blood flow. All these inflammatory agents that are acting to heal you are stimulating the pain receptors in your hand, the ones in your skin and your muscles. Your head is not so different except, crucially, the underlying cause can be much more subtle and varied.

As a neuroscientist who writes about headaches, it is somewhat ironic to admit that I suffer from them still. Two recent headaches stand out. The first happened when I couldn’t find my glasses. I’m astigmatic so I see the world on a bit of a slant because my left eyeball is shaped like a rugby ball instead of a football. Just looking around can be effortful. Plus, the search made me late for everything that day which was unpleasant. By the time I got home, my head felt like it was in the grip of giant hands and they had begun to squeeze hard. All I wanted for dinner was a paracetamol sandwich.

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